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What is a Mala?

"Mala" is a word from the Sanskrit language meaning "garland" or "meditation garland". Mala's have been around for thousands of years, all the way back to to 800 B.C.E.

A mala, usually refereed to as "mala beads" or as a "mala necklace" is a type of necklace often popular with people interested in meditation, spirituality and people who may practice Buddhism, Hinduism or Sikhism.

For most, a mala is a physical reminder of positive intentions. For some people, it is used as a meditation tool. There is no right or wrong way to use a mala. It is up to each individual to determine what meaning their mala holds for them.

This is Mantra Society,

Creating your Mala

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Using Your Mala Beads

1. Choose your Mantra. A Mantra is a word, phrase or utterance that aids in concentration for meditation. Some examples of Mantras are;

  • I am Strong

  • It will be OK

  • I am Enough

2. Hold your Mala in your hand so you can easily touch from bead to bead. Start with the bead adjacent to your center "Guru" bead that is found in the middle next to the tassel.​

3. Repeat your mantra as you move from bead to bead. There are 108 beads in your Mala.

4. Once you get to the other side of the Guru bead, you have completed your meditation.

5. Repeat as needed!

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