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good vibes

When is the last time you took a few minutes to yourself? 

Time to take a break, take a breathe and practice some self care.



Our founder was a full time tech professional, full time wife- and full time anxiety stricken. Like most people in the year 2020, her anxiety was taking over her life. After practicing meditation, she knew that helped, but often struggled with being consistent and meditating for more than 30 seconds at a time. The word "practice" had a whole new meaning - this was hard work! She had finally found an outlet and way to calm down that was sustainable for her lifestyle and that didn't involve anything mind altering or budget altering. Meditation was key.


In an effort to get her mind off of the impending end of the world, she decided to take up an old habit, to play around with beads and make jewelry. This time she bought some natural gemstones hoping they might bring her some peace. She started beading and made a familiar style; a Mala necklace. She had always admired Malas on her favorite yogis, and being a yogi herself, it was time to join in. 

She came up with her first Mantra, it was simple and to the point: "I am going to be ok".  She recited the Mantra as she was stringing each bead, a total of 108 times, as is the traditional way. She practiced her Mantra with her new Mala any time life was getting out of control. Her Mala necklace became her safe space. Finally, a meditation aid that could help her relax.


She noticed the special bond she had with her Mala since she made it, and decided to share that same bond with people all over the world. That is where the Mala Kit was born, and soon after she had an entire society of people finding peace every day with their Mala necklaces. 

The Mantra Society was born. We're here to spread good vibes to everyone!

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