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How to come up with your Mantra

Your Mantra will be deeply personal to you. Think about what your Mantra will be before you begin your Mala Making process.

A Mantra for Each Mala

Each Mala Necklace should have it's own purpose and Mantra. Think of it as the soul of the Mala. You may have one Mala dedicated to bringing love into your life. In this case, your Mantra may be "I am deserving of love.". You may have another Mala dedicated to yourself and your own self strength. This Mantra may be, "I am Strong.".

Whatever your Mantra is, is personal to you. It can be a word, phrase, sentence, prayer, or belief.

Some Popular Mantras include:

  • I am strong

  • It will be okay

  • Just breathe

  • I am enough

  • I am Blessed

  • I will get through it

  • Life is beautiful

  • In me I trust

  • I am a warrior

  • I am courageous

Be sure to recite your Mantra every time you string a bead in your Mala. This will infuse your Mala with the correct intentions.

Then, when you need a reminder of your Mantra, simply use your Mala as intended.

Check out this post on how you should use your Mala.


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